Saturday, September 15, 2007

Prepositions in Dystopia

Updated 25/03/08

A reminder that there are different sections in this blog besides 'Stories'. 'Why Russia' contains t my thoughts and personal reasons for coming to Russia why I continue to live here despite the obvious difficulties. 'Prepositions' contains personal snippets snippets, travel notes and introspective 'micro' essays on the unusual and ordinary. 'Red Village' - a new rubric - will be an erratic chronicle about spiritual life from the Orthodox point of view - some explanations and a personal take on what it means to be a Christian in dystopia. Suggestions on the technical aspects of the last point are welcome. I also look forward to reader input on desired topics for running cometary - I would like to try to meet the challenge of writing on topics chosen by other people.

So far the rubrics look like this:


Why Russia?


Red Village


Ben said...

Most average to high intelligent citizens of the U.S.A. view Russia with nostagia and forgetting.


Also, in other news: Canada is America's Hat.

Thomas said...

The combination of nostalgia and forgetting is a contradiction, but I don't doubt that it is indeed the case. Nostalgia is remembering the past as 'the good old days' when in fact they were the 'bad old days.' And forgetting about them must mean that we learned nothing and are hoping to repeat the experience.