Sunday, February 10, 2008

On Achievement

I recently got the thrill of learning that one of my original recipes has found its way onto the menu of a well to do private restaurant in the Moscow city center. The venue is a high end food service amenity inside a class 'A' office complex, the Ducat III Office Center. To be fair, I know the chef and he shares his secrets with me. I never figured, however, that the flow of recipes would go in the other direction. I receive no royalties for this apparent infringement of copyright, but this is because I enjoy the privileges of having access to my chief friend's purchasing tentacles, which stretch far beyond the average Muscovite supermarket.

I know enough about the world of cheffing to know that getting a little creativity rush in this way is a great alternative to actually becoming a chef and breaking my rear to garner such a compliment.

The dish is a salad. I call it Mediterranean Couscous with Cordova Glazed Shrimp and it rocks at parties as well as intimate meals for two. It is basically Mediterranean fusion and can be a side dish or a main dish depending on the presentation.

My chef friend said his executive clients eat it up and he makes a killing at the cash register.

And so I bask in microtriumph.


suckatash said...

I have since patented the word "microtriumph" and you now owe me mucho dinero, based on every eyeball that reads this awesome entry. And no, "microtriumph" is not the name of my ficticious punk band of the early nineties. But I wish it was.

Thomas said...

Microtriumph is actually the brand name of the #3 frozen vegetable exporter in Iceland. You'll have to squabble with their lawyers about royalties and patent infringement. Just beware that they are likely to take you to court for calling yourself 'suckatash,' a patented frankenveggie developed by Microtriumph and exported to the 1950's via a time machine.