Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Red Village

Among friends our parish Church is affectionately known as 'Red Village' because it is in the Krasnoselskaya district of Moscow. Krasny Selo, which can mean 'Red' or 'Beautiful' village (the word kransy has both meanings in Old Russian) was once an autonomous settlement that became a part of sprawling Moscow at some time in the late 19th or early 20th century. Our church is dedicated to 'All Saints' (Всех Святых) but the property was originally part of a large womens monastery that also had a large church dedicated to St. Alexis the Man of God (March 31 NS). Both churches are functioning again, but they are separated by a large road that now bisects what used to be the monastery property.

Posts with the Red Village label will be about day to day Orthodox life, some explanations of how we live and attitudes personal and general about life and dystopia.


Theoprovlitos said...

I guess the Monastery is more or less like us. We let large roads bisect us and we can't help but trying to stand on one piece at the time.

Nick The Greek

Thomas said...

Nikos! The monastery property was bisected by the Communists who overturned the graveyard and but were too cheap to destroy the churches outright because they were too lazy to build other structures in the same place. The churches were used as libraries and offices.

We, on the other hand, only separated by noise. I wish we had Communism as an excuse, but we do not. Bisected by little roads. Other peoples roads - to lazy to have our own disagreement, even! I think you should come over to Russia just so you can punch me in the face and call me a heretic -lover and then we'll settle down, have a nice dinner and then go on pilgrimage to repent. What do you say?

Theoprovlitos said...

Hmm, VERY interesting proposal I must admit. Instead of punching you may I kiss you with a bad breath? Garlic, onion, any preference?