Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Live Journal Sign Up Thing

The world is complicated enough, I think, without some techno-genius trying to make things simpler by developing software protocols so that when a guy wants to comment on a Live Journal page, he has to create a saga-profile and create his own page. I simply want to comment on the entries of others, I do not want my own page, thank you. Are all on line communities this evangelical in their structure?

Anyway, I was looking for a long lost friend and a series of searches brought me to this Live Journal page (where the person I was looking for was not) but as it was moderated by a group of St. Hermanites / Platinaens I hung out and caught up on the histories of some displaced persons. It was kind of neat. I buckled to the hassleaneous prerequisites and spend what seemed like an hour in ergonomic dystopia, hunting and pecking for buttons that would get me results. In the end, I had signed up, stated preferences, given a list of hobbies, books and pets and I had to provide an introduction as a means of gaining commentary access to the sthermanorphans live journal page. Here it is.

About Yourself:

"I was really looking for someone / something else, but I found this Live Journal thing with St. Herms people. I never could have imagined such a thing. Me? I visited back in 2006 for a few days - the first time in over 10 years. I dream of going more often, but I don't live in the US. I am trying to be a productive Stray Sheep. I do not consider myself a STHB orphan, I just woke up one day in another country.

Imagine the prodigal son's brother (the bitter goodie two shoes) going away to prove to his father that he is A MAN and when he comes home, beaten and deformed but holding a few scales of the dragon, he discovers that the family farm has burned down and his father and brother have set up shop with the dragon, who is now a full partner. In time the bitterness passes and is replaced variously with despair, anger, irony and finally a sense of self and purpose outside the farm thing. The brother begins to see he isn't who he thought he was after all - that he was indeed a man all along but very far from being a goodie two shoes. This was rather predictable and caused self doubt. Resolving to start over as a 'baddie three shoes' or a lame superhero who never could fly, was never impervious to bullets, fire or even nasty comments, the brother gets down to the business that was his original purpose at the farm in the first place - obtaining self knowledge. Its tough without the family, but ultimately more productive as the brother is kind of a loner.

The greatest day of his life was not the long awaited pat on the head from dad but the sideways look from the prodigal brother who said simply, "Yes, what is it? Can't you see we're busy?" He has always liked his party-hearty but repentant brother, but remains jealous in fear that dad gives him all the attention. Hense the escape thing. He is sometimes lonely, but true to himself and God, now understanding that he never wanted to be a groupie anyway. He has found happiness and writes home every now and then. He has made peace with the dragon. He is nothing special. He just grew up to be a broken man all on his own, without the help of STHB.

He quietly hopes they will all come to visit someday."

So there.

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